Super Human Therapy

SuperHuman is a one-on-one physical therapy and movement practice. There will never be any divided attention or rushing through treatment. Every visit is an hour long, uninterrupted session with your practitioner.

Unlike other clinics where it is standard practice to overload therapists in order to hit productivity goals, at SuperHuman, we prioritize quality of treatment. Taking a holistic approach, we analyze the body from a wide angle, and then we zoom in to the area of interest. We can treat from head to toe, and we don’t skip anything in between. We can even analyze and treat the movement of the abdominal and pelvic organs which can have a big impact the rest of the body.

We have Pilates, yoga, and specialized movement training that can even take you into the air in the aerial studio across the hallway depending on what your goals are.

Thankfully, at SuperHuman, if a patient/client comes in and their symptoms have moved to another region of the body, or for whatever reason our focus needs to shift, we are flexible. We will communicate with your referring provider (not necessary for a first visit) to make sure your healthcare team is entirely in the loop.

464 Cherokee Ave SE, Suite 204
Atlanta, GA United States 30312
Fulton County
Hours of Operation
7:00am -6:00 pm M-F

678-228-1478 (fax)

Dr. Kara Strauss
470-815-0587  Owner/Physical Therapist, Super Human Therapy