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**NON-RESIDENTS of Glenwood Park are not being accepted at this time as we have hit our quota, you can request to be added onto a waiting list for a fee. Please contact if you have any questions.

Glenwood Park's 6-lane, Junior Olympic-sized Pool opens for the swim season in May. The fitness center is open year round. The pool also includes an adjacent kids’ water play area and picnic area with a grill. A payment plan is available to both residents and non-residents. Pool membership is a great investment – you can sell your membership after years of enjoyment. If you are interested in being a member, please sign up now. PRICING INFO & REGISTRATION | SWIM TEAM

1. What are the pool dimensions?

The pool is Junior Olympic size, and the dimensions are 45 x 75 x 5.

2. How many people does a membership entail? Shouldn’t a family of four have to pay more?

A membership is for a household and all of its members. Most of the households in Glenwood Park consist of one or two people.As of the 2014 season, the dues for a membership that consists of 3 or more people will be $450.  All single and two person memberships are $400.
3. What is the guest policy? If we have company are they allowed at the pool? (BEING REVISED FOR 2014)

Each Member household is allowed to bring fifteen (15) guests per season.  Visitor passes are distributed to each Member upon payment of the annual fee.  Additional passes may be purchased at a cost of $5 each.  *Households consisting of only one resident have permission to bring one guest with them on any visits to the pool, in addition to the 15 guest pass visits allowed per season.

Everyone is required to shower before swimming.  Learn how important it is to shower before swimming.

4. Does the pool have a shallow / wading area for adults and kids or is it just swim lanes? Is there a kiddie pool? What is the children's water feature?

The pool does have a wading area for adults and kids. It is located at the steps/entrance to the pool (the “offset” of the L-shape). It is no more than 3 feet deep at any point and has an underwater bench on 2 sides. This shallower area is approximately 250 square feet. There is not a separate kiddie pool. The children’s water feature is a fountain similar to the one in Centennial Park where water shoots out of the ground.

5. What is the swimming season?

Traditional swimming season is Memorial Day to Labor Day. This pool has a heater that allows the pool to open first weekend in May and close last weekend in September.

6. Are condos a part of the building next to the pool? If so, how many?

Yes. The fitness center/clubhouse area is on the ground floor of a building that contains a total of 9 condo units on its top three floors: 3 units on the second floor, 3 units on the third floor and 3 units on the fourth floor.

7. What is the height of the club house/fitness center? Will it cause the pool to be shaded?

The height of the condo/clubhouse building is 53 feet from poolside/ground level to the top of the roof. It is situated north of the pool and does not cause excessive shade. It blocks noise from I-20.

8. What does the fitness room entail? Does it have weight and cardio machines?

The fitness room contains health club quality cardio and strength training equipment from Matrix, including: 3 treadmills, 2 total body elliptical machines, a recumbent bike, an upright bike, a lat pulldown/row machine, a multipress machine (chest press, incline press, shoulder press), a leg extension/curl machine, 10 sets of dumbbells (5-50 lbs), an adjustable utility bench, adjustable abdominal bench, stretching mat and resist-a-ball.  The Treadmills and elliptical machines have built in TV panels.

9. Do the restrooms have steam, sauna, etc?

No. The restrooms have several showers, sinks, toilets and changing areas. Each restroom also has a diaper changing area.

10. Is the clubhouse a place where a party could be held? Does it have a mini–kitchen facility (service area and refrigeration, sinks)?

The clubhouse consists of the fitness area, restrooms, office and vending area with an ice machine. Outside, the pool deck has a special area with tables, chairs, umbrellas and a grill for picnics. There is no separate room for events, but the picnic area can be reserved for parties or gatherings.

11. Is the picnic area available for events? How do you reserve the picnic area? Will members be unable to use the space regularly because it has already been booked for events?

The picnic area is for members only, and a reservation request form can be obtained from the Pool Board. The Pool Board reviews and approves event requests on a case-by-case basis and focuses on not inconveniencing other members by over-booking the picnic area for events.

12. Is there be a diving board?

No, there is not a diving board. The depth of the pool is only 5 feet so that many more bathers can be in the pool at the same time, and the maintenance costs are much less in terms of chemicals, water, heating, etc. A diving board would also increase liability and insurance costs and would require more lifeguard supervision.

Learn more about the swim classes at the Glenwood Park Pool this summer. Contact Swim with a Purpose.
Year-Round Fitness Center, Kid’s Swim Classes with Flexible Scheduling, Wireless Internet throughout the Picnic Area, Unlimited fun in the Jr. Olympic Size Pool and Kid’s Play Fountain.
Learn more about membership registration for the 6-lane, Junior Olympic-sized Glenwood Park Pool and Fitness Center.
If you are interesting in reserving the picnic area at the pool for a party please email completed form to for the pool event reservation form. A reservation requires a $150 Fee and a $200 deposit. All parties have a 3-hour time limit. For additional information and to reserve your party, please contact (
View Pool Rules & Regulations

Quick reminders: No glass, no smoking and no pets allowed in the pool, picnic or fitness areas. Thanks for helping us keep the pool safe and healthy for all to enjoy!

Kid’s swim classes, year-round fitness center, wireless internet and more. Pool membership is a great investment – you can sell your membership after years of enjoyment.
943 North Ormewood Park Drive SE
Atlanta, GA 30316
Fulton County
Fitness Center
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Hours of Operation
Membership: Email

Hours: 6:00 am - 10:00 pm daily

Opens - May 1st
Closes - Sept 27th

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