Glenwood Park Pool

Membership Pricing

Please contact the Pool Board by writing with any questions about memberships or billing.

Pool memberships are currently available and open to residents only. Email the pool board for info on how to get on list. 

The 6-lane, Junior Olympic-sized Glenwood Park Pool and its accompanying Fitness Center are open to both residents and non-residents. The following paragraphs outline important details about the pool and benefits of membership.

The Glenwood Park Pool Community Association is related to the Glenwood Park Community Association (the Master Association) but has its own separate Board and its own separate fees.

A household membership to the Glenwood Park Pool includes:

  • access to the pool during swimming season;
  • year-round access to the fitness center in the pool clubhouse, which includes health club quality cardio and weight equipment;
  • year-round access to the picnic pavilion at the pool.

Households consisting of one resident will always have permission to have one guest accompany them. The membership duration is lifetime or sale of home.

Our goal is to ensure that the majority of pool members are Glenwood Park residents. At this time, pool memberships are open to Glenwood Park residents, although we are full for non-resident memberships and are no longer accepting applications for the wait list. We reserve the right to suspend acceptance of non-Glenwood Park members at any time in order to protect the balance of residents to non-residents. A pool member has three options upon selling his/her home: (1) the member can sell the membership with the house; (2) if there is a waiting list, the Board can sell the membership on behalf of the current member to the first person on the list; or (3) the member can continue to use the membership. When a membership is resold, the incoming new member must pay a renewal fee of $500. Renewal fees collected will be used to build the reserve fund and cover administrative costs. The Pool Board may change the amount of the renewal fee as need arises.

Members of the pool pay two fees: a one-time membership fee (see table below), plus an annual operating fee, which is determined each year by the board.

One-time Membership Fee

Type of Membership

Resident Fee

Non-Resident Fee

Studio and One Bedroom Condos



Two Bedroom Condos, Townhomes, and Single Family Homes



Non-Glenwood Park Residents




Annual Operating Fee
The annual fee is $450 for families and $400 for individuals and couples. This fee will be revisited each year by the Pool Board. The operating fee includes:

  • All pool cleaning and maintenance
  • Chemical delivery and testing
  • Cleaning of restrooms and fitness room
  • Insurance
  • Property taxes
  • Legal fees
  • Reserve fund for capital improvements and major repairs
  • Utility fees – water, electricity, etc.

Payment Details
Along with a copy of your completed Membership Committment Form (which is located on main pool page), two checks should be written and made payable to Glenwood Park Pool (one check for the membership fee and one check for the annual dues).  Please email to arrange delivery of access cards and obtain completed form and checks from you.
One-time Membership Fee: Make your check out to Glenwood Park Pool. Membership fees are as follows: Studio and one Bedroom Condos: $1,500; Two Bedroom condos, Townhomes and Single Family Homes: $2,000; Non-Glenwood Park Residents: $2,500.
Recurring Annual Dues:Make your check out to Glenwood Park Pool.  2015 Annual dues are $400 for individuals and couples and $450 for families.

Email with membership questions.