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Our Neighborhoods

District 1 is home to more than 21 neighborhoods - a diverse community of people; people full of varied resources committed to a positive quality of life. The area also features some of Atlanta's most visited venues,  including Zoo Atlanta, Turner Field and Grant Park.

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About the Neighborhood Planning Units (NPUs)
District 1 has four Neighborhood Planning Units (NPUs).  Our local NPUs (V,W,Y, and Z) overlap other districts as well. The community neighborhood groups are represented at the Neighborhood Planning Unit monthly meetings. The meetings are open to the public and agendas may be reviewed prior to the meeting.


An NPU is a body comprised of residents that make formal recommendations to the City regarding matters affecting the livability of neighborhoods and the City's Comprehensive Development Plan. There are 24 NPUs in the City which are composed of contiguous neighborhoods. For more information including geographic boundaries, meeting times, and agendas, visit the NPU Planning Website.


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