PSS Injury and Wellness Center

Atlanta is in need of something new and fun to get people excited about coming together with their neighbors.  Let’s take a stroll for the most important “cause” this winter: Each other.  To motivate and unify the city, PSS Injury and Wellness Center and GA Hill Library are hosting a Unity Walk to lessen divisions in our communities and heighten the awareness on good health, education, and relationships.

We are encouraging patrons to stop by and participate in the walk, and the festivities the children of East Atlanta and Grant Park communities will prepare. Free registration is available for all participants in the Unity Walk. Feel rewarded by meeting someone new, supporting someone you already know, and walking for bridging “strangers to neighbors”.
“Our office is really looking forward to giving something back to the community, remarks Ed Schneider, DC.  We love having the opportunity to give our time and talents to people.”
PSS Injury and Wellness Center will serve as the official location to get a whole body experience and tons of events freely, open to the public.For more information please visit
Contact: Ari Taymuradova
404-627-8998 Ext 4.


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Ari Taymuradova