Clean Air Lawn Care: Eco-Friendly Lawn Service for Glenwood Park

We are happy to offer 1 month of free weekly lawn maintenance to any Glenwood Park resident who signs on for the 2007 season. Our wind and solar powered lawn maintenance company has expanded to Atlanta and are excited to be serving your new urbanist community! A new member of Atlanta’s Southface organization, Clean Air Lawn Care is a Colorado lawn mowing company on the cutting edge of clean, green lawn care – they use electric equipment for all of their services and for good reason. Small engines, in particular 2-stroke engines used in conventional lawn care equipment, contribute to 10-12% of the nation’s air pollution.

Gas lawn mowers consume 580 million gallons of gasoline annually and 25-35% of this fuel escapes unburned. Clean Air Lawn Care is reducing greenhouse gases nationwide by using electric equipment and working with government and community organizations to help spread awareness about many environmental impacts related to lawn care. We are also partnering with Atlanta-based Nature Turf to provide you a one stop shop for mowing, maintenance, and natural and organic treatments for your property. For more information please visit or contact us at 404.842.1818.