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Exterior lighting Suggestions

Many of the exterior lights we chose for our homes contain "Mini Torchiere Candlebra"-type bulbs that have a mini base (i.e. won't accept a standard size bulb and thus will not be compatible with most solar light screw in fixtures which are standard bulb size. I was able to find an adapter that would allow mini-base receptacles to accept standard bulbs at HOME DEPOT (Lowes does not carry it). The next problem you may encounter would be the size of the fixture. Lowes sells an on/off screw-in fixture that is narrow enough to fit in most of these lights here in GP. Many of them (like yours truly) cannot accomodate a socket adapter, solar adapter, AND the light bulb since this raises the original fixture socket/base/adapter another 3-5 inches and you must now find new bulbs(!). As an aside, it also funks the aesthetics and functionality of your light in that the bulb will now be raised inside the fixture.

But hey, at least it'll come on when you're not home!

I've given up and am just going to install wall-timer switch panels, available at Lowes/HD...

To summarize:

1. Candelabra to Standard size socket adapter: ONLY at Home Depot, currently out of stock and arriving soon, located in lighting aisle on an endcap...SKU# 030721703614

2. Smallest screw-in light control to fit MOST of the fancy fixtures here in GP @ LOWES: Amertac Light Control SKU#72657

3. Then you gotta get bulbs that are standard size at their base which are widely available.

Wish I'd thought about it when I was building the house...woulda chose lights that have Standard size bulbs and/or had the builder install timer switches on the wall plates...Maybe that would be a good heads up to pass around to future residents!

Please feel free to share this e-mail or mention at the next meeting.

Hope this helps and saves someone else lotsa headache and time. Regards, ~~Paul

PS- You may also want to remind residents to check the quality/security of the hardware that is used to lock their doors/windows. After speaking with our burgled resident I took a look at what I had installed on my home and had to reinforce the hardware, anchor plates, & screws to ensure the doors could not be easily kicked in. ~~PC