Glenwood Park Featured in Organic Style Magazine

Organic Style magazine featured Glenwood Park in its February issue as one of the country's top 10 eco-communities:

Glenwood Park
Cleaner air, inside and out

Location Atlanta, Georgia
Founded 2003
Size 395 single-family houses, town houses, and apartments on 28 acres

"This house is three times bigger than our last one, but our first utility bill was the same as the one we used to get," says Rob Mitchell, who moved into Glenwood Park's first home last fall. The developments' energy-saving measures are prosaic but effective. Using insulation made of recycled newspapers, as well as rigorous caulking methods and weather stripping to reduce drafts, cuts 30 percent off residents' bills. The houses, on the site of a former concrete plant and building-materials center two miles from downtown, are so well buttoned up that builders took special care to find materials that would keep indoor air healthy. Wood products, such as floors and cabinets, are finished in the factory rather than on-site, and paints contain low levels of volatile organic compounds. All houses here pass muster with the regional green building program EarthCraft House, which sets guidelines for healthy, environmentally friendly construction. In keeping with the green theme, individual builders toss only 20 percent of their construction waste into landfills. The rest is recycled, some of it ending up underfoot: Scrap lumber is chipped and spread as mulch; gypsum wallboard trimmings are ground and used as a soil amendment. Concrete sidewalks around the two-acre park at the heart of the development (irrigated with runoff from the site itself) are made partly from fly ash, a waste product from power plants.

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