Emmy Squared

We just ventured into our first Emmy Squared experience - and all I can say is that after 30 seconds of maintaining the cool veneer of the foodies we want people to think we are, we devoured it. It rings a legendary note of fast-food-indulgence-meets-artistry.

For my fellow gluten free peoples:  the crust is very, very good, and very much available.

Individual reviews below. And OMG it was so good. We're crushing hard on the new neighbor. It might get weird.

Pizza:  Detroit style pizza, but make it gluten free. Made with Cup4Cup of Thomas Keller fame, this crust rocks. We had the Colony Squared pie - pepperoni, pickled jalapeño, and honey. Indulgence. If Pizza Hut went artisan. Damn, y'all. Stephen summed it up: "this kicks the sh*t out if Nina and Raffi's."

Big Matt Burger:  We love burgers, and this is one of the best. Beefy, melty, cheesy, tangy, with the acidic bite of pickle, and a pretzel bun that is totes worth the gluteny pain if you are GF. If McDonald's went high brow:  all of the gourmet indulgence, all of the low brow pleasure.

Zia Waffle Fries:  Waffle fries with hatch chile pimento cheese, bacon, green onion, and God knows what else. The only non-Chick-fil-A waffle fry that makes me weak. I felt like ketchup and salt added the right tang and pop; Stephen says no such thing. We are currently sitting on the couch reminiscing about these. Also this was a single order, so God help you if you manage to take down more.

Brussels sprouts salad:  Brussels, pickled onion, blue cheese, and some peanutish dressing that made us shudder with pleasure. Every bit as good as Sun in my Belly's Lucy salad or Brussels slaw. Incidentally this was the only item we finished completely. We question our own judgment here, but this may have been the star of the show.

- Tiffany Smith Lee, Summer 2021

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