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Photo by Chels Lynn
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Building Green
Glenwood Park harvests approximately 35,000 gallons of water per week using a combination of storm water and well water - thus avoiding any use of potable water from the City of Atlanta for our drought resistant landscaping.
During construction, Glenwood Park recycled 800,000 lbs of granite ruble blocks! That's enough material to build all of the walls in our central park out of granite.
The Southern Living Idea House at Glenwood Park automatically calculates an irrigation schedule using landscape-specific parameters, then adjusts the irrigation schedule for each of the watering zones via satellite as local weather changes.
Glenwood Park recycled 250,000 lbs of metals removed from the site and recycled 259,200,000 lbs of concrete (60,000 Cubic Yards), an amount equal to an acre of concrete at 36 feet deep!
Glenwood Park reduced the amount of stormwater runoff from its site by two thirds and treats approximately 61,000 cubic feet of water (426,000 gallons) for every 1.2" rainfall.
Glenwood Park has planted over 1000 trees and thousands of other plants, flowers, and shrubs creating shade and comfort, while also absorbing thousands of gallons of stormwater and significantly reducing heat island effects.
The Glenwood Park pool building uses a geothermal system for its club house and nine units. According to the International Ground Source Heat Pumps Association, every geothermal unit installed eliminates an amount of CO2 equal to planting an acre of trees.
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