Glenwood Park Announcements - November 23, 2004

It has been nearly a year since my last letter to the Glenwood Park community, and there is plenty of news to catch up on.  The physical reality of Glenwood Park is emerging, and it looks great!


Construction Progress


In a nutshell, the first buildings in Glenwood Park are well underway, and in the meantime infrastructure work in other parts of the site has continued and now is beginning to wind toward completion.


On and around Hamilton Street, the first 21 houses in Glenwood Park have been underway for several months now.  Some of them are now finished, and our first residents are moving in!  We are very proud of the work that our builders Capstone Partners, Hedgewood Properties, and Whitehall Homes are doing on these houses, which are getting rave reviews from all.



Houses on Hamilton Street


On Bartram Street the first townhouses, built by a Green Street / Hedgewood joint venture, are also underway and looking great.  They are framed and bricked, and are slated for completion shortly after the New Year.


Townhouses on Bartram Street


In the town center part of Glenwood Park, the Green Street / Meddin & Co. joint venture’s first two condominium and retail buildings are framed and are getting bricked right now.  Parkside Partners is underway on a total renovation of the one previously existing building on site, which they are turning into the Brasfield Overlook office condominiums.



First retail and condominium buildings underway around Brasfield Square


In the meantime, infrastructure work has continued in other parts of Glenwood Park.  The changes to Glenwood Avenue are complete.  Our dramatic remake of the street formerly known as the Glenwood-Memorial Connector is underway now.  This street has now officially been renamed Bill Kennedy Way, in honor of our friend and long time city zoning officer who passed away earlier this year.  In the northern part of Glenwood Park, earthmoving and street construction is still underway.  Weather willing, that should be wrapping up shortly after the New Year.


What is Coming Next


Within the next few months essentially everything in the southern half of Glenwood Park should be either complete or under construction.  Some of the upcoming projects are:

  • Green Street / Hedgewood will have townhouses underway on the west side of Bartram Street, and also will have live/work townhouses underway on Brasfield Square.   
  •  Construction of Brasfield Square itself will begin very shortly. 
  • Green Street / Meddin will begin construction on the remainder of the town center retail and condominium buildings, including a retail building on the west side of Bill Kennedy Way.  Retail leasing activity is progressing well and we should be ready to announce some exciting retailers as the first commercial buildings get closer to completion.
  • Hedgewood will be building more houses around the north end of Hamilton Street at Cecil Close, and also will begin more townhouses just down the hill from there on Bartram Street.
  • Whitehall will be building townhouses facing Glenwood Avenue just south of Brasfield Square.
  • Capstone will be building more houses on the southern end of Hamilton Street. 

Also, we will have a Southern Living Idea House underway soon facing the main Glenwood Park just down the hill from Cecil Close.  This house, in addition to being very beautiful, will be extremely energy efficient and loaded with environmentally friendly features.  The house will be featured very extensively in Southern Living Magazine and also will be open to the public next June through September.  An estimated 30,000 people will come to tour it. 




As the physical reality of Glenwood Park begins to take shape, we are racking up more awards. 

  • In October, the Greater Atlanta Home Builders Association named Glenwood Park as the Community of the Year.
  • Last week, the Georgia Urban Forest Council named Glenwood Park as its Outstanding Community.
  • Also, in this year’s “Best of” edition, Creative Loafing named me (they really meant Green Street!) as the Best Real Estate Developer - both Critics’ pick and by readers’ vote.
  • And finally, on behalf of our Glenwood Park work, The Georgia Conservancy named me as the 2004 Distinguished Conservationist of the Year.

Of course, this is all in addition to the wonderful Congress for the New Urbanism Charter Award for neighborhood design that we received back in 2003.




Glenwood Park is turning out just the way we always hoped it would.  Thank you very much for your interest and support.  If you haven’t visited lately, please come by and have a look around!




Charles Brewer

Chairman, Green Street Properties

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